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Price list

We always make appointments on specific dates so as to reduce waiting; this approach saves you your time and money.


“Our goal is to provide the best possible care with an emphasis on patient‘s comfort. Reimbursement by insurance companies is nowadays limited only to basic care – treatment of acute conditions, basic examination, tooth extraction or total prosthesis. The remaining payments are for treatment, which meet today’s requirements for modern dental care. Therefore, financial participation of the patient on his or her treatment is commnon and recommended practice.”


“Do not choose your dentist solely on the list price, that you found on the Internet. Price lists are always just rough guidelines. Make your decision based on your personal visit to the office, based on surgery equipment they use, attitude of the personnel to the patient. For patients who choose to use our services, we prepare an individual treatment plan with a financial budget. This budget is for informational purposes and is used to fine-tune further medical treatment according to every individual need of our patient.”

Esthetic composite filling od 1 104 Kč
Root canal treatment, including the postendo completion of a tooth od 1 661 Kč
Full ceramic crown E-max od 6 529 Kč
Composite onlay EmanelHri od 5 939 Kč
Dental hygiene 60 min – treatment plan, initial treatment 1 107 Kč
Dental hygiene, follow-up care od 370 Kč
Combined teeth whitening (in-office and at home) 6 964 Kč
Home teeth whitening 4 314 Kč



At the moment, it is possible to pay only in cash.